managementAdvice and assistance to clients in the various specialist areas is assured by a team of 15 lawyers and accountants who are highly qualified in tax law, civil law and criminal law, and have the specific professional experience called for in each field.

The senior professionals in question are assisted by other qualified personnel (junior professionals and interns), who invariably have both graduate and postgraduate qualifications.

Although the members of the team, flanked by their assistants, operate independently in their given areas subject to the direction and supervision of the founder, they constantly work in conjunction with other members to provide a seamless service when an interdisciplinary approach is called for.

Regulatory compliance is handled by a staff of specialists who have the most advanced technology and resources to aid them in this respect and who undergo constant training to keep them up to date on relevant legislative and regulatory developments.

The firm also has a highly efficient and qualified body of secretarial and administrative staff to assist in coordination among the various offices in which a total of 35 people work.