adHeaded by the partner DOMENICO PALAZZOLO, this unit assists clients in identifying and complying with the civil law and tax formalities imposed on companies and businesses in general.

Civil law formalities include the preparation, drafting and submission of corporate documents (financial statements, reports, notices, minutes of general meetings and board meetings, etc), and compliance with related accounting and bookkeeping requirements.

Tax formalities involve the preparation, drafting and filing of compulsory tax returns, including by electronic means. Services related to tax formalities include specific assistance to non-residents in meeting national tax requirements (tax representation, direct identification, tax refunds), as well as to residents in complying with foreign statutory requirements pertaining to foreign operations.

Apart from providing crucial support to the civil law and tax law areas (especially in auditing, researching and assessing accounting documents in both tax and civil cases, for instance), this unit also provides legal services on an independent basis in response to specific client requirements (auditing of accounts, valuations, estimates, appraisals, etc.).