ricercaHeaded by the founding partner, the research unit lies at the heart of the firm’s activities.

Apart from serving as a knowledge pool and think-tank for the tax law and practice area, this unit undertakes all the support activities required for preparing the teaching materials (handouts, additional reading materials, graphics, slides, etc) used by the founding and other partners in the graduate and post-graduate courses they teach at the University of Parma, the Higher Schools of Public Administration (ministry of finance and the revenue authorities) and the Commission for Tax Rules of Conduct (Milan certified public accountants association) as well as in a wide variety of talks, conferences and seminars (organised by training schools, professional associations and the civil service).

In addition to providing support for teaching activities, the research unit fuels the firm’s publishing activities, and also serves as an experimental laboratory in which young post-graduates can deepen their specialist know-how before embarking on careers as tax advisors.

The research unit played a crucial and decisive role in ensuring the success of the study meeting focusing on future trends in VAT legislation, organised by the firm in 2006, on the occasion of the presentation of the fourth edition of the publication on European VAT.