The tax unit specialises in problems pertaining to national and foreign direct and indirect taxes, as well as customs and excise duties.

Headed by the partner NICOLA GALLEANI, it is divided into three broad areas:

This area focuses on issuing independent and other opinions on particularly complex matters and is in charge of researching the issues involved as well as coordinating activities and representing the client in making filings before the local and central tax offices, focusing on specific issues involving the interpretation and application of tax laws and regulations.

Ongoing tax consultancy:
This area is in charge of providing clients with ongoing advice on tax matters, especially with regard to compliance with national and foreign statutory obligations related to their business operations. This segment includes international tax planning in strict accordance with national anti-tax evasion rules, as well as tax auditing, entailing an audit of the client’s corporate procedures pertaining to tax matters and assisting the client in following sector-specific best practices designed to ensure full compliance with regulatory obligations.

Tax litigation:
Defending taxpayers’ rights starts well before litigation, from a study of the elements underlying the tax claim through to out-of-court settlement, if possible. Litigation services are provided for disputes at first instance (provincial and regional tax courts throughout Italy) as well as on appeal, including before the Italian Supreme Court and the European Court of Justice.